National Award Winning Italian Restaurant in Portsmouth, England
Owner: Ambasciatore Giuseppe Mascia
General Manager: Christian Mascia
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A wide selection of Italian desserts and ice cream are available all priced £4.95
Corbeille de Fruits

Vanilla ice cream & red fruits sorbet, covered with raspberry sauce & decorated with a chocolate disc,
a raspberry & a cherry.
A slice of vanilla & chocolate ice cream with a cream and candied fruit centre.
Cocco Ripieno
A real coconut with its flesh removed & filled with a
rich coconut sorbet.
Torta Frutti di Bosco
Shortcrust pastry filled with chantilly cream
& topped with a mass of raspberries,
Blackberries, blueberries & red currants.
Torta Ricotta
Layers of delicate sponge filled with ricotta cheese
enriched with raisins & decorated with icing sugar.
Profiteroles Bianco
Soft choux pastries filled with a superb chantilly cream,
all covered with white chocolate cream.
Profiteroles Scuro
Soft choux pastries filled with a superb chantilly cream,
all covered with dark chocolate cream.
Tartufo Bianco
Dairy vanilla ice cream, with a coffee ice cream
centre, coated with finely crushed meringue.
Tartufo Nero
Chocolate ice cream with a zabaglione centre,
coated with crushed hazelnuts, dusted with cocoa powder.
Torta Della Nonna
Layers of shortcrust pastry filled with lemon flavoured
patisserie cream & decorated with pine nuts, dusted
with icing sugar.
Arancia Ripieno
A real orange with its flesh removed & filled with a
tangy orange sorbet.
Limone Ripieno
A real lemon with it’s flesh removed & filled with a
refreshing lemon sorbet.
Torta Selva Nera

Cocoa sponge soaked in liqueur, filled with a layer
of chocolate cream & chantilly cream enriched with
cherries, covered with a chocolate rosette.

Fresh Fruit Salad

topped with fresh cream and marsala

Coppa Gelati Italiani

Italian Ice Creams

Fresh Strawberries

topped with fresh cream & marsala


Banana Split



Homemade Tiramisù



A selection of continental cheeses

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