About the restaurant

The Pizza House was opened on 13th May 1977, and instantly became a popular place for the residents of Portsmouth. The restaurant soon became known outside of the city, diners started visiting from all over...even HRH Prince Andrew popped in for a meal in the first few years of opening. The restaurant received national recognition when the Pizza House won the Pizza & Pasta Association's National Restaurant of the Year award in 1989. The restaurant has since become a landmark in the City, visited by generations of families, and is now Portsmouth's longest running Italian.

About the people

Giuseppe went to catering school in Sardegna in his teens, after finishing catering school he then went to work across Europe in restaurants and hotels. He visited the UK for the first time in his early 20s, coming for a two week holiday - and ended up setting up his home and business here. He opened the Pizza House in 1977, and has been in the restaurant ever since. 

His two Sons are both now an integral part of the Pizza House. His Oldest Son Christian started working weekends at the restaurant while at college. He then went on to the University of the Arts in London, where he graduated with a B.A. (Hons.) in Journalism. After finishing in London, he went on to study Global Politics at the University of Southampton. He graduated with a Masters of Social Sciences. He is now the General Manager & Licensee of the Pizza House.

His other Son Adam, also started working his weekends at the restaurant when he finished school. He went on to follow his Father's footsteps and went to study catering at Southdown's College where he qualified with NVQs in Hospitality & Catering. He completed his course at Southdown's, and went to work in the Pizza House full time. He is now Restaurant Supervisor. 

  Many other members of the Mascia family have also worked at the restaurant over the years, in a true Italian family restaurant.