The Wine Menu


With nearly 50 different wines to choose from to accompany your meal,

why not take a look at the following selections to see

which wine would best suit.

If in doubt, ask the owner Giuseppe, who can advise you as to the 'right' selection of wine for your meal.


All prices include VAT at 17.5%, but do not include 10% service charge

which will be added to all bills.

All wines are subject to availability.


WINES are offered for sale for consumption on or off the premises in

quantities of SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLILITRES, unless otherwise stated.


Unless supplied pre-packed, GIN, RUM, VODKA and WHISKEY are offered for sale

for consumption on or off these premises

in quantities of TWENTY FIVE MILLILITRES or multiples thereof

















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Giuseppe’s choice of Sardinian wines

Famous Italian White Wines

Famous Italian Red Wines

Rosé Wines

Special Red & White

Dessert, Sparkling and Champagne

House Wine & Bar Drinks